Focal Areas

To fulfill the Objectives
and to stay fine tuned to our Vision & Mission

Leadership & Innovation

Leadership is a type of intelligence and on the other side it holds the characteristics of ability. Leaders need skills in engaging with others on a one-to-one and group basis to deal with a wide range of situations.

Scientific application of inventions will enhance the living standard of people. Therefore, innovation education may also be imparted to youths.

BMF facilitates to foster leadership as well as innovation.

the Leaders of the Future

Child education needs special attention of Society as it requires resources and support for consistent improvement.

BMF provides quality improvement programmes in the fields of child education and teacher education. Our programmes engage children, teachers, parents and the community, helping children develop the skills to realise their full potential.

Healthcare for All
The Skill to Heal & the Spirit to Care

Rural hamlets of Kerala are still deprived of medical facilities with special reference to diagnosis, care providing, care and rehabilitation.

BMF poses to be a catalysing agent in rendering health care services to the masses by organizing medical camps and health infrastructure.

Welfare and Wellness

Welfare and Wellness of the masses are the catchphrases of BMF.

BMF proposes sustainable transformation in all human endeavors and aids to envisage wellness components in all walks of human life.

BMF shall work with government and other NGOs to achieve this state of wellbeing

Make Safer Environment for a Better Tomorrow

Climate change and eco preservation activities may be fine-tuned with the farming trends.

BMF attempts to provide environmental protection on the one hand and volunteerism in Eco-friendly initiatives on the other. BMF aimS at addressing the environmental problems and provides ecological harmony.

Training & Entrepreneurship

It is not just about ideas, tt is about making ideas happen.

Training, innovation and education are complementary endeavors. Entrepreneurial abilities trigger all the other components as well as inputs of human advancements.

BMF enhances the employability by nurturing favourable attitude towards risk edged jobs and market preferences.

Medical Help
A transforming healing presence

A transforming healing presence.

Thousands of human beings especially the marginalized are deprived of medical help.

BMF shall act as a nodal agency for aiding the needy by delivering medical services.

Skill Development

Skills are to be attained, refined and retained.

BMF is committed to impart cognitive skills and perceptual skills based on the requirements of the context, skill accomplishment processes and the potential of the trainees.

Career Orientation
Follow dreams to achieve your goals

BMF believes the adage " Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. "

BMF provides career guidance to youngsters who aspire to move up with their degrees. Our team will assess their interests, skills, and work values to determine potential career options.

Pastoral Training

BMF trains pastors, church workers and laity to effectively serve their community.

Our pastoral training includes research assistance, theological education, sermon preparation, historical intervention and so on.

Media Socialisation

Familiarity with Information technology, especially social media and internet are required for human development and learning in the current society.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is the powerful tool to bridge the knowledge and skill gaps

BMF provides a wide range of IT related services & training to encourage social inclusion of marginalized communities and under-privileged segments.

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